Street Fighter V


Bison’s character

Alternate costumes

Story mode costume:

Still goes unexplained by the game, unlike the story costumes of all the other characters. I like to think this is Bison after the destruction of his base in the ‘A Shadow Falls’ storyline.

Dan’s description in the SFV Shop: “That look makes it look like he just came out of a fight where he lost his sleeves. Maybe they were torn out by his Psycho Power… Mine, by the way, I tore out because they look cool!

Battle costume:

Bison’s battle costume was first available as a pre-order bonus. Later it became a release available to anyone. The first time Bison is seen with facial hair.

Dan’s description in the SFV Shop: “This is said to be one of Shadaloo’s ceremonial uniforms, which I think makes sense. I mean, those shoulder pads kinda shout ‘evil organization focused on world domination’.

30th Anniversary costume:

They went all out with this one and I love it. Looks like Bison has a taste for the ‘Napoleonic look. He even has a large ermine-lined cape…

Dan’s description in the SFV Shop: “Man, check out that cape! That just screams “I’m the leader of an evil organization.”. And since he IS the leader of an evil organization, it’s a good choice!”


Round Win 

  • “You’re weak! Pathetic and weak!”
  • “Ah… a good way to kill some time!”

Versus Mode (Generic)

  • “This nightmare is not going to end. Not until you’re dead.”
  • “Resistance is useless. My Psycho Power will annihilate all.”
  • “At the limits of despair, death is the only respite!”
  • “You have been quite entertaining. As a reward, I will grant you death.”
  • “Maggot!”

Versus Mode (Character-Specific) 

  • Abigail : “Power through sheer size, eh? How pathetic.”
  • Akuma: “So that’s the Satsui no Hado? Bah! You barely even laid a finger on me! You don’t even deserve to live!
  • Alex: “You have no future before you. You only have despair.
  • Balrog: “Can you not even weed out traitors? Your ignorance knows no bounds.”
  • Birdie: “Certain death awaits all those who oppose Shadaloo!”
  • Cammy: “With death, all is forgotten. Pain, suffering, and even the past.”
  • Chun-Li: “I’ll send you to meet your father. But the price is your very life!”
  • Dhalsim: “You call that a fire? Let me snuff it out along with your life.”
  • Ed: “How pathetic. Clearly you can’t handle that power.”
  • F.A.N.G: “Death to the weak. That’s the decree of Shadaloo.”
  • Guile: “If you are a soldier, surely death in battle is what you aspire to!”
  • Ibuki: “Cheap tricks will not work against my Psycho Power! Now die!”
  • Juri: “You’re just a big-mouthed brat. I’ll put you out of your misery.”
  • Karin: “Child! It is I who am the strongest!”
  • Ken: “Psycho Power is invincible! Your attacks are not worthy of my attention!”
  • Kolin: “The likes of you cannot hope to harm me! You don’t even deserve to live!”
  • Laura: “That’s all your style has to offer? My power is absolute.”
  • Bison: “Trash. Nothing more than a low level imposter.
  • Menat: “You speak of destiny? Mua ha ha ha! The likes of you can see nothing!”
  • Nash: “You should consider it an honor to have fallen by my hand twice!”
  • Necalli: “It’s all just a matter of time now. Everything is going according to plan.”
  • R.Mika: “What happened to all your bravado from before? Too scared to speak?”
  • Rashid: “You’ll never see your friend again, because this is where you will die.”
  • Ryu: “You are worthless suppressing the Satsui no Hado. Die.”
  • Urien: “The true ruler is I, Lord Bison! Not some nobody spouting nonsense!”
  • Vega: “Beauty is nothing compared to all-conquering power!”
  • Zangief: “You’re an eyesore. You will smolder in my Psycho Power.”


Street Fighter V put a lot of effort into detailing Shadaloo. Before the game it was more of a notorious name than an empire with a face.

Shadaloo soldiers

Shadaloo personnel

Shadaloo base

Concept art


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