Street Fighter IV Series


Bison’s character

Alternate costumes



Round Win  

  • “My Psycho Power knows no limits!”
  • “Human garbage!”
  • “Pointless!”
  • “You failed to stave off my boredom!”

Versus Mode 

Street Fighter IV
  • “All must bow and grovel at my feet, for I represent power you cannot dream of!”
  • “Can you see it? Can you see the gaping maw of hell that awaits you?”
  • “Don’t try to stand. There is nothing more you can do.”
  • “Fear not, for the rest of this world will join you on the other side shortly!”
  • “Fighting you was a waste of time!”
  • “I will be reborn as many times as it takes! Bison is eternal!”
  • “Impressive… Your reward for that performance shall be… your own death!”
  • “Leave my presence at once!”
  • “The terror is overwhelming, isn’t it? There is no end to this nightmare!”
  • “Your corpse shall make excellent grist for the Shadaloo mill!”
  • “Your despair feeds my power!”
Super Street Fighter IV
  • “Anyone who defies me willingly invites their own death!”
  • “Close your eyes! An endless nightmare awaits!”
  • “Embrace your fear as you are enveloped by an eternal nightmare!”
  • “I demand an opponent worthy of my strength!”
  • “Kneel before me or die beneath my heel. The choice is yours to make freely!”
  • “Kneel before me!”
  • “My Psycho Power feeds on hatred and death!”
  • “One as weak as you has nothing to offer! Your life ends now!”
  • “Pledge your allegiance to Shadaloo and I will let you live.”
  • “When I control the planet, I shall purge it of all hope!”
  • “Worm!”

Arcade Mode

Street Fighter IV
  • Akuma: “Ha ha ha! This Satsui no Hado power you possess… It could be useful to me…”
  • Balrog: “You know what happens to dogs who turn on their masters, don’t you?
  • Blanka: “That jungle you grew up must not have been such a tough place after all…”
  • Chun-Li: “Is that all you can do? Your father would be ashamed…”
  • C. Viper: “Had you obeyed your orders, you could have survived…”
  • Cammy: “Looks like this one is broken. Oh well, there are plenty of replacement dolls…
  • El Fuerte: “Say goodbye to this world, fool! Your time has come!
  • Gen: “Yes, yes… That’s it. Allow yourself to sink slowly into the darkness…”
  • Guile: “Your pitiful country cannot stop me! Go now, and join your precious friend!
  • Ken: “Your wails of despair will earn you no sympathy today!”
  • Bison: “Only one man can rule the planet through fear and intimidation!
  • Rose: “Make no mistake! I do not need your blessing to gain the power I seek!
  • Rufus: “You clearly have nothing to offer the world. I’d best finish you off…”
  • Sagat: “You are not worthy of the title of henchman.
  • Sakura: “You are powerful for a girl your age. But it is not enough to keep you alive!”
  • Seth: “Damn! If this is all the strength it can muster, it’s useless to me! Useless!
  • Vega: “I put up with your insane obsession only when you are useful to me. Not anymore!
Super Street Fighter IV
  • Abel: “The prodigal son returns, eh? You will pay for your insolence with your life!
  • Adon: “You have the nerve to call yourself king? What foolishness!
  • Akuma: “Thank you for showing me the Satsui no Hado. Now die!
  • Balrog: “You will think twice before attempting to usurp me again!
  • Blanka: “Act like the animal you are and grovel at my feet!
  • C. Viper: “You will have ample time to lament over your foolishness in hell!
  • Cammy: “The next time I brainwash you, I’ll be sure to finish the job!
  • Chun-Li: “You want to know about your father? Why don’t you ask him yourself? In hell!
  • Cody: “Crawl back into your little hole, you insolent worm!
  • Dan: “Even a newly-recruited Shadaloo guard could make short work of you, fool!
  • Dee Jay: “Enjoy the rest of your song as you roast among the flames of hell!
  • Dhalsim: “Let us see if your god comes to rescue you from your impending death!
  • Dudley: “Boxers that follow the rules are easier too read than a book!
  • E. Honda: “Facing you was a complete and utter waste of my valuable time.
  • El Fuerte: “You thought that mere acrobatics could defeat the mighty Bison? Fool!
  • Fei Long: “What weakness! You fail to even stave off my boredom!
  • Gen: “Your body is wracked with illness, yet you attempt to fight? Fool!
  • Gouken: “Crawl back to your grave, you pitiful old man!
  • Guile: “I crush anything in my path be it a soldier or a lowly mosquito!
  • Guy: “Bushin-ryu, eh? You have only succeeded in angering me!
  • Hakan: “I have no time to deal with fools like you. Get out of my sight at once!
  • Ibuki: “You were a fool to think you had what it takes to face me!
  • Juri: “What’s the matter, child? Go ahead and stand up! Just try and kill me!
  • Ken: “You will now pay the price for daring to defy me, worm!
  • Makoto: “There are countless fighters like you around the world! You are not special!
  • Rose: “How dare you defy me? I will see to it that you never attempt that again!
  • Rufus: “Finished talking? There will be plenty of time for idle chatter in hell!
  • Ryu: “No need to stand. I will take possession of that body of yours right now.
  • Sagat: “Deny it all you want, but you are and will always be a loser!
  • Sakura: “Allow me to usher you to the sulfurous pits of hell!
  • Seth: “You are nothing but a flawed specimen destined for the scrap pile!
  • T. Hawk: “Spare me the sob story. If you cannot bear to be apart, just off yourself!
  • Vega: “You have outworn your usefulness. I will enjoy watching you bleed out.
  • Zangief: “You were a fool for thinking that your showy moves would work on me!
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
  • Evil Ryu: “To keep such power to yourself… No matter, your body is now mine.
  • Oni: “Never have I witnessed such power. I’ll admit that I’m intrigued.
  • Yang: “Did you think your cheap idea of wisdom could satisfy me!?
  • Yun: “You are nothing but a piece of trash! And you will be burned like one too!
Ultra Street Fighter IV
  • Decapre: “How dare a Doll of mine point a blade at me? You require further adjustments.
  • Elena: “The world rests in the palm of my hand. I’ve no time for trifling young girls.
  • Hugo: “No mortal body, no matter the size, can withstand my Psycho Power!
  • Poison: “The Mad Gear cannot compare to the might of Shadaloo! What a waste of time!
  • Rolento: “There is no place for your nation in my new world order.

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