This page is dedicated to all clothing items in my collection: t-shirts, jackets etc.

Triumvir Shadaloo cap

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Manufacturer: Triumvir / Estate LA

Year: 2005, SF’s 15th Anniversary

Size: 7,5. Fitted

Background: This cap is very rare. Only 250 were made specially in Bison’s classic color scheme: red and royal blue. It was released at San Diego Comic con and only a few were ever sold outside the convention.

In4mation x Street Fighter cap: M.Bison

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Manufacturer: In4mation / NSURGO

Year: 2017

Size: Snapback

Background: A Very good friend of mine in The States got me this awesome cap by In4mation at EVO in 2017. Bison’s quote “Anyone who opposes me will be destroyed.” is featured in the lining, along with his classic Street Fighter II stage. Extra epic is the Long Vo sketch my friend has added to the visor!

Musterbrand – Shadaloo varsity jacket

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Manufacturer: Musterbrand

Year: 2016

Size: M

Background: Awesome jacket made for the release of street Fighter V. It features a large print of Bison on the lining, Bison’s new cap skull on the back and the kanji for Shadaloo on the closure.

Note: the picture belongs to Musterbrand, they made better pictures of this jacket than I could. 


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