The pages under this tab will give you in-depth detail on M.Bison: a full-length character bio, data, developer notes, concept development etc.


Here you'll find the different media M.Bison appeared in: games, comics, movies, anime series etc. Bison had guest appearances outside the Street Fighter universe, as well as cameos in series not overseen by CAPCOM®. These are also featured here.


All official CAPCOM® art featuring M.Bison is featured here. At a later date fan-art will be shared as well.


The pages under this tab are dedicated to my M.Bison collection. Here you'll find everything I have acquired. This page will be updated constantly.

"You seem bound and determined to meet destruction at my hands. So be it. I'll fight you on your own level!"

Welcome to, a fan-site completely dedicated to the character M.Bison / Vega of CAPCOM's® blockbuster Street Fighter® series. Here you'll find anything ranging from in-depth character descriptions to collectibles. was founded on the 17th of April, 2017. Bison's birthday in the year of the 30th anniversary of the Street Fighter® series.
In 2003 I had my first encounter with the character while playing Marvel v.s. CAPCOM 2 and I still love him more every day. This website is my personal tribute to him.

I hope you will enjoy yourself while browsing this website!
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